How To Detect Ad Blocker In WordPress Website

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This post is all about increasing AdSense CPC, CTR, and especially AdSense revenue or earnings In 2022.

Beginners on the web are eagerly expecting to boost AdSense CTR, CPC, and their earning. So yeah, I have covered all the topics to increase CPC rate and your revenue using Google AdSense.

Install A Plugin Called CHP ADS and use below custom CSS to change the interface.

Custom CSS to beautify the plugin’s look and feel.

/* Webinsights Plugin Customization*/

#chp_ads_blocker-modal img{
	padding:30px 10px 10px 10px;
.chp_ads_blocker_detector-action a{
	height:46px; line-height:45px;
	width:100%; border-radius:50px;
.chp_ads_blocker_detector-action a:hover{

Let me know if you have any issues regarding the same.

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  2. Bro Now A New Feature Came That Is Web Stories But We Are Unable To customize It in home section and also in wevsite We want to make A section of It so please make A video On How to customize Web Stories (Plugin For Web Stroies – MakeMyStories)

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