SEMRUSH Review, Tutorial & 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL


If you are a guy who has a channel on YouTube or writes blogs or having a website and you post content on your website then you must know about the thing called SEO well if you do not know about this then let me get to straight to it.

S.E.O improves your article or video rank, and after that, there are higher chances to get more traffic on your content.

And today I have a best SEO toolkit for you, and that is Semrush. There are a lot of tools that you will get to use in Semrush. You can search for the best keywords and find out the keywords that your competition used to rank his content. 

It is most trusted among marketers and uses for businesses also. That was a short intro about this and now let’s talk about the features you are going to get in Semrush Free Trial.

Features That SemRush Provides You-

This is the most important thing and the most asked question about every toolkit that which features are we getting on this service so let me tell you after researching a lot about it, I found out that there are a lot of features that you will be getting on semrush. I have listed all of the features below you can check them out.

  • Advertising Research                      
  • KW Research
  • Audience Insight
  • Traffic Analysis
  • KW Difficulty
  • Charts KW Magic Tools
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • Site Audit
  • Social Media Poster
  • OnPage SEO Checker
  • Organic Traffic Insight
  • PPC KW Tool
  • Organic Research
  • Display Advertising Tool
  • Backlinks
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Market Explorer
  • Domain VS Domain
  • CPC Map
  • My Reports 
  • Brand Monitoring 
  • Ad Builder
  • Content Analyzer
  • Keyword Research
These are some of the features that you are getting on Semrush. 

How To Activate Free Trial For Semrush?


If you are a guy who just does not want to spend money directly and want to try this on your own, then there is semrush free trial available for you. in this you will get 30 days free trial in semrush, and you can analyze and use all the features I have mentioned above. But for that, you have to activate semrush free trial, and I will tell you exactly how you can activate this and use it free for 30 days.

  1. Activating semrush free trial is so easy. you just have to visit official semrush website.
  2. There you will find a trial button just click on that.
  3. Sign up your account, and you will be enjoying 30-day free trial.
Just follow these steps, and you will not face any kind of trouble in it.


Semrush will automatically deduct money from your account, and if you do not want it then there is the money-back guarantee in 7 Days you can get your money back.

If you are a blogger or a content writer then the pro plan would be enough for you, and if you own a business, then Guru plan would work best for you.

Yes, You can use every tool in semrush, but for limited times per day, for example, You can perform two searched in topic research. You can track the position for 10 keywords.

Sorry to say but you can not get these reports in free trial you just need a business or enterprises plan to get these reports.

I must say that both tools are useful, but if we compare both of them according to their features, then Semrush stands tall because Semrush has more and better features than Ahrefs.

Final Verdict

One of my friends uses Semrush toolkit for a long time, and He suggested this, and I have tried almost every SEO toolkit, but none of them contains the feature as Semrush has.

Unlike others, this provides you 30 days free trial, and you can even get your money back in seven days if you do not like this toolkit. In the end, I would say that it is value for money and you are not going to regret after buying plans on Semrush.

Lastly, if you have any query please feel free to drop that in the comment section below.

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